There are so many opportunities to communicate with the heavenly realm.  Heaven truly knows what is best for us and only has our highest well-being in mind.  If you wish to have clarity on any aspect of your life, receive guidance, are at a cross-roads in your life, I am happy to serve  you.  Please email me and we can set up a private consultation for a reading for you from your heaven’s team. I am happy to serve you!

A special Invitation!

Dear Readers,

Many exciting things are happening in my life.  I am happy to share one of the most amazing.  These are the workshops with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and with his Worldwide Representatives, Master Marilyn Smith and Master Shunya Barton.

Master Sha himself will be in the Los Angeles area February 21st and 22nd at the Conscious Life Expo.

Master Shunya will also be presenting at the Conscious Life Expo on February 19th and 20th.

The following weekend we will have a workshop led by Master Marilyn and Master Shunya.  These are all going to be powerful events that have the potential of blessing and when needed, healing every aspect of your life.  This sounds too good to be true but the good news is it actually is true!

I want to invite you in a special way to each of the events to make it easy for you I have listed them below. I also put a link to give you a hint of the flavor of the workshop at the end of the month.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at these events. If you are unable to travel, you can watch from your home via webcast!

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Preview YouTube video Master Marilyn and Master Shunya: simple practice to transform challenging relationships

Master Marilyn and Master Shunya: simple practice to transform challenging relationships


Love and Blessings,


Bringing Love, Peace, and Harmony to SoCal

I fell in love with Mother India the moment I stepped out of the airport and breathed in the pungent air and observed the hub of diversity surrounding me.  India is like a smorgasbord for the senses. There is rarely an idle moment except in the wee hours in the morning before the peacocks announce the day’s light.  I loved bringing love, peace and harmony to Mother India and she will always be a part of me.

You may wonder what India has to do with Southern California as the topic of this discussion.  Southern California holds diversity and stimulation for the senses much like India. Each county and pocket of Southern California has a multi-cultural feel interspersed with palm trees and the hopeful expectation of making dreams come true.

The plus for me is the fact that my family is here with me and in India, I met many wonderful and amazing people, although I longed for the love and companionship of my own loved ones who were half way across the continent. In the days to come, I will share with you my joys and aspirations and my beautiful family.

Stay tuned……